Class Schedule

Karate Group A
In-Person Small Group
Karate Group B
In-Person Small Group
Adults Karate
Karate Group C
In-Person Small Group
Adults Karate
Karate Group D
In-Person Small Group
Kids Karate Group E
In-Person Small Group
Adults Karate - Advanced
Adults Karate
Kids Karate Group F
In-Person Small Group
Kids Karate

Updated October 2021

Small Group Classes (In-Person)

  • In-person small group classes (A, B, C, D, E & F) are available for students age 5-16.
    • Students age 12-16 who are fully vaccinated can choose to attend adult class instead of small group class, see below
  • Enrollment in each class is limited. Students may only attend the class they are assigned.
  • Please note: Small group class assignments are made by the Oshiro Dojo staff, in order to balance class size, ages, and ranks appropriately. If you are interested in a specific class, please let us know when you contact us; however, availability is not guaranteed.

Adult Classes (In-Person)

  • In-person adult group karate classes are available for students age 12 and up.
    • Students age 12-16 can choose to attend small group class instead of adult class, see above
  • Students must have completed full COVID-19 vaccination (2 weeks after last dose) in order to attend in-person adult group class.

Online Classes

We continue to offer group karate classes for kids via Zoom.

COVID-19 Mitigation Policies

We are taking the following actions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread among our students and in our community:

  • All Oshiro Dojo instructors & assistants are fully vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • Dojo doors will remain open during class, with industrial-strength blowers to circulating fresh air from outdoors.
  • Classes for unvaccinated students are limited in size to allow for distance between students.
  • Classes for unvaccinated students have the same students from week to week to reduce potential exposure.
  • Classes for unvaccinated students will not include partner-contact activities.
  • When assigning classes for unvaccinated students, priority is given to keeping households/siblings together.
  • Classes are separated by 15 minutes to reduce contact between classes.

We require student to adhere to these policies:

  • Masks are required in the dojo for students and caregivers.
  • Students must clean their hands and feet with sanitizer (provided at the dojo entrance) before and after class.
  • Students should be dropped off 5 minutes or less before class and picked up within 5 minutes after class.
  • Locker room usage is limited to one household at a time.
  • Students must bring their own water, there is no shared water cooler at the dojo.
  • Caregivers may come in for dropoff and pickup, but we request that caregivers do not stay inside the dojo during class. Chairs are available for seating outside the dojo.

All policies are subject to change based on guidance from public health authorities. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Ryukyu Bujutsu Kenkyu Doyukai